Tvizions.Inc is a leading provider of voice, video, VoIP telephony and data services over the Internet. Our cutting edge technology enables users to watch high quality IPTV, listen to online radios, make VoIP telephony calls and enjoy a number of bundled services from a single device. What makes our offerings unique is that users can receive our rich content directly on their TV screens and home entertainment systems.

Additional benefit of our services is their mobility, which means that users can enjoy them from any location with Internet access as long as they carry with them the CPE devices that we provide as part of our service packages. Relentlessly developing and searching for new and better technology, Tvizions.Inc is made up of unique, experienced individuals aspiring to the same goal of providing the world with innovative high technology solutions and service, specializing in communications, both Voice over IP (VoIP) and data.

Dedicated to quality and perfection, Tvizions.Inc implacable thirst for success in a dynamic, technological world will ensure not only a significant position, but place itself as a leader in the global market. Effectively applying our technology to provide communications solutions and service, Tvizions.Inc specializes in VoIP. The prolific growth, the progressively increasing speed at which data is carried, and the ubiquity of the Internet, allows such technology like VoIP a viable, if not a better, alternative to traditional circuit-switched telecommunications. Tvizions.Inc is dedicated to serving the needs of the global market, as more technologies become converged and much greater information is not only desired, but also expected by all peoples of this world.

In the first phase of our business plan, we are currently utilizing our technology to provide a better telecommunications solution to the consumer. With our Gateway in place we are able to provide a very low-cost international telephone service. Active business relationships with long distance and local telecom companies in the respective countries in which we have our Gateways, coupled with our advanced technology, has created an opportunity for Tvizions.Inc to provide this invaluable service to the global community in need of reliable and inexpensive communications solution.

Concurrently we are working on building an infrastructure using equipment that joins the VoIP and Public Switched Telecommunications Network (PSTN) to reduce the burden of high costs and maintain the ease of phone use for consumers, yet create traffic for local telecom carriers. With this infrastructure in place, Tvizion.Inc will then be a Clearinghouse and career to the needs of not just one market of a specific country, but utilize our resources to provide communications solutions and service to the world & quot; Tvizions.Inc is a proven leader in the IP Telephony business.

We see no limits and bring to the table many years of experience, innovation and an infrastructure that offers choices and customization. This depth of experience translates into a company ready to deliver clear, focused service with the highest level of quality possible. Through our own advances in technology, our growth and leadership position in the IP Telephony market will continue. Tvizions.Inc will enable service providers to offer their business customers IP telephony and value-added applications through a new, usage-based monthly fee.

As a result, all of our customers will have Easier access to the same leading communications solutions used by many of The world’s largest companies with no upfront capital investment. Service providers in turn will be able to create a new, recurring revenue stream and drive additional traffic onto their IP network. For more information go to www.Tvizions.com